It's no secret that the teen years can be tough. And for some girls, the standard turbulent emotions and raging hormones are just a small part of the struggle.

They are girls who have had a baby and are parenting alone...
Who are pregnant and considering their options...

These girls need a little extra help.  These girls need a person to come alongside them, bringing compassion, advice and spiritual direction.  Someone who won't cast stones, but will write a message of hope in the sand.

What is YoungLives?


YoungLives is a lifeline for teen moms and their children.  We enter their world, model the unconditional love of Christ and encourage them to become the women and mothers God created them to be.  We then join this hope with practical life skills to equip them for a brighter future.

Mentoring forms the heart of YoungLives.  Mentors build relationships with teen moms, offering guidance in matters of faith, parenting and self-worth.  This investment of time and heart has empowered positive, sustainable change in the lives of many beautiful families worldwide for more than 20 years.  In NYC we are accomplishing this by:

  • Teaching Parenting/Life Skills at local shelter
  • Providing Educational Assistance (tutoring, GED prep) with free childcare
  • Facilitating Small Group Bible Study
  • Mentoring and Leadership Development
We have seen teen moms achieve their education and career goals, become more confident in parenting, and live lives rooted in Christ.  YoungLives works!
YoungLives is making a difference in New York City!

The United States consistently has the highest number of teenaged pregnancies in the developed world.  Every year in NYC, there are over 17,000 pregnancies to young women 19 and other.
Therefore, May is now nationally recognized as Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month.  In YoungLives, we believe that it is Presence that Prevents.   By walking along side teen moms day in and day out we know first hand the challenges that young moms face, this is why we want to gather together to lift them up in prayer.   In a culture that shames, isolates, and looks down on young mothers, we know that they have great worth and are deeply valuable to God. 
Our hope is that many will come to join us and we encourage, support and empower these young women to live in the fullness of who God created them to be first as young woman, and also as mothers.  Won't you join us?

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According to the NYC Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS),  the highest rates of teen pregnancy are reported in three neighborhoods with a disproportionate burden of poverty and poor health, Harlem (In Manhattan), North and Central Brooklyn (Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick), and the South Bronx.  Although demographically smaller than the areas in both Brooklyn and the Bronx, Harlem has as high a rate as the other areas mentioned (133/1000).  It is for this reason that our efforts to impact teen moms are focused in the Harlem community, with the hope of expanding to these other areas in the near future.

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